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Dancers Pose Yoga


Knowledge is power, and Healing is possible. 

From a young age, Jillian struggled with strep throat, IBS, psoriasis, and demyelination. Eventually, her body succumbed to Multiple Sclerosis, having had enough of all the inflammation, poor dietary choices, worry, and negative self-talk.


Intuitive by nature, Jillian knew something wasn’t right with how her body was reacting and stepped onto a path of wellness and healing. Along her healing journey, she has added tools to her collection and created essential life changes. Some of the tools include yoga, meditation, nutrition modifications, exercise, chiropractic, massage, supplements, affirmations, journaling, adequate sleep, and connecting with nature and others every day.


Jillian’s mantra became: "By Any Means" I will be healthy, happy, grateful, and live a long zestful life. 


Her toolbox of health is brimming with tools she shares with others. Through education and experience, Jillian has become an expert in wellness, helping others take the tools that work for them and leave the rest. By Any Means, she shares what she has.


Jillian’s drive is wanting her children to see her doing cartwheels instead of being carted around on wheels. Her goal is to help others create their toolbox to unwind, make connections and transform the body, mind, and spirit so each one can live a long luscious life. 

MS did not define me instead, it catapulted me into a world of wellness.


You are not your get to choose whom you want to be with your daily choices.
Let's talk about how you can unlock your healing journey too.


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