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Wellness Workshop in Brainerd Lakes Area

Wellness Workshops

Wellness is an active pursuit of intentions in partnership with daily actions that lead to optimal health. Give your employees competence through wellness workshops to take their health into their own hands. These tools will help combat daily stressors and create supreme wellness empowering them for their best life.

Mental Health:

  • beginner meditation

  • power of positive thoughts

  • journaling for health

  • food for better mood

Emotional Health:

  • control is an illusion 

  • developing coping skills

  • daily destress

  • self-care is not selfish

Environmental Health:

  • creating clean homes

  • importance of vitamin N

  • creating an ergonomically correct workspace

Physical Health:

  • developing a successful sleep schedule

    • a closer look at circadian rhythm​

  • the importance of weight training as we age

  • decreasing inflammation

  • auto-immune awareness

Nutritional Health:

  •  intermittent fasting 101

  • keto 101

  • A.I.P. (Auto-Immune Protocol) 101

  •  nutrient timing

  • identifying food sensitives

  • daily detox

  • vitamin D's importance 

What Our Clients Say

Citrus Fruits

Dr. Erin Flynn-Brown

Jillian is knowledgeable, energetic and fun. She is passionate about health and wellness and cares about each client she works with. Her joy permeates the air around her. It’s impossible not to leave her class feeling better both mentally and physically!!!
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