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Corporate Yoga & Wellness

Employees are the life force of your business, give them what they need to thrive.

Tailor-made yoga and wellness workshops to meet the needs of your team. 

We’ll provide the instruction and equipment,  just show up and relax.

Work Party Yoga
Yoga Pose
Outdoor Yoga


Foster connections, encourage team building, and combat the stress of being at a work all day.

By Any Means Wellness and Yoga will help get your employees focused and engaged. Busy does not have to equal stress. Wellness tools, like yoga, can provide a means of working at a productive pace with a calmer mindset, even when a lot is going on.

Corporate Yoga

Wellness Workshops
The Best in Yoga Breathing & Flow

By Any Means Wellness and Yoga is in partnership with Organized Mind, a stress reduction business. Darla Swanson of Organized Mind is a certified Yoga Breathing Coach. Together, Jillian and Darla are offering Wellness Workshops for employee groups. Fully customizable, a workshop will provide your employees with crafted breathwork that has proven health benefits and stress reduction qualities. Yoga breathing can be used at work to boost energy or calm the nervous system, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and improve mood. After breathing with Darla, Jillian will lead the group in restorative yoga, which can improve flexibility and mobility. Jillian will provide employees with simple ideas for stretching at their desks. Wellness events can result in increased productivity and work attendance, boosted employee retention, and morale. 

Laughing Yoga
Corporate Wellness in Brainerd Lakes Area l

Wellness Workshops

Caring for your employees by booking a wellness workshop will benefit them and your company. Provide your team with ways to promote positive attitudes, become more productive, feel refreshed and energetic, experience improved immunity, circulation, and better mental health

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